An Open Wound on the Face of Democracy

On the morning after the election, the sentiment from those who voted for Donald Trump was a quick and unified message saying, “Let’s start the healing process.”   Even President Obama gave himself whiplash with the distinctly different tone, from explaining that Trump was “unfit” to be President on Friday to saying today that “We are... Continue Reading →

the unlikelyhood of hearing the truth about politics

I’ve decided that it is impossible to find out what our government is doing most of the time, whether they are Republican or Democrat. I realize that there are some top secret things that should be kept top secret. That’s not what I’m referring to. Is there any doubt that under the goverment’s “classified” category... Continue Reading →

where is the electric car?

Interesting link below regarding electric car technology. The common arguments against widespread use of electronic cars are not founded in the facts. The technology exists that would make this kind of transportation feasible and affordable. Unfortunately, big money and politics prevent it from happening. Did you know that Americans drive an average of 29 miles... Continue Reading →

what’s wrong

I have quit watching television news. I am no longer watching the people dying, leaders corrupting, riots starting, minorities complaining, majorities minimizing, children disappearing, and skies falling. Before you accuse me of ignoring the problems of the world, let me explain. Whenever I’m watching the news I get this sense that I am the audience... Continue Reading →

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