Welcome to Curious Heretic

As someone who has chosen not to be a part of the the religion I grew up in, I may be considered a heretic, and I am ever grateful that burning heretics is no longer a preferred method of “dealing with them.” However, it’s my incessant curiosity that has brought me to this point. So the name felt appropriate for where I am at in my winding journey. As a former evangelical Christian who has left religion behind, I now seek to understand the world and our existence from an agnostic humanist perspective. In fact, if you go through the 17-year archive of my previous posts, you will see a progression from my time as an established Christian, to questioning certain aspects of my religion, to eventually giving it all up. Whether you are still religious, formerly religious, or just asking a lot of questions about these matters, you are welcome to read and engage any topic below in the comments. Thanks for stopping by!