where is the electric car?

Who Killed the Electric Car?Interesting link below regarding electric car technology. The common arguments against widespread use of electronic cars are not founded in the facts. The technology exists that would make this kind of transportation feasible and affordable. Unfortunately, big money and politics prevent it from happening.

Did you know that Americans drive an average of 29 miles a day? That would mean that a person could use an electric car for 3-4 days without recharging it. Why are we not using this technology? This link provides some arguments to consider…


If you want the basics, just click on the Questions and Answers section, or here’s an excerpt…

GM, Ford, Honda, Chrysler, Nissan, and Toyota all developed electric vehicle programs in response to California’s zero emission mandate [in the 90s]—and most ended up crushing at least part of their EV fleets. Even as the automakers launched their EV programs, they undermined their success every step of the way. Why?

Electric cars are a threat to the profitability of the conventional gas-powered auto industry. GM said that it spent more than $1 billion to market and develop the EV1. Not only would a successful electric car program cannibalize sales of conventional cars, but the electric car costs the auto industry in other ways: lacking an engine, it saves the driver the cost of replacement parts, motor oil, filters, and spark plugs. The EV1’s regenerative braking system, in which the car’s electronic controls handled much of the work of slowing down the car, spared the car’s mechanical brake system from wear. Brake parts and repair is a billion-plus dollar industry alone. The EV1’s efficiency was a winner for consumers but a loser for the auto industry.

When GM introduced the EV1, it was years ahead of American and Japanese competition in electric car technology. In the coming years it could have capitalized on its lead by developing these cars and advanced hybrids. Instead GM and other US carmakers would focus on battling with the State of California to kill electric vehicles. The consequences of these decisions reverberate today.

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