the unlikelyhood of hearing the truth about politics

yada yada yadaI’ve decided that it is impossible to find out what our government is doing most of the time, whether they are Republican or Democrat. I realize that there are some top secret things that should be kept top secret. That’s not what I’m referring to.

Is there any doubt that under the goverment’s “classified” category there are deals, bribes, and blackmails that would make us shiver? Of course, there is a lot at stake: dollars and lives and oil barrels and children and votes and power and the minds of the people.

We depend on the major news networks to tell us what is going on, but most of their “reports” are a disfunctional hybrid between reporting and editorializing. Writers and media channels continuously resort to extremes, but that is what sells commercials. You think FoxNews is “fair and balanced”? I’m sorry, but to be truly fair and balanced in reporting won’t sell any soap. They swing as far to the right as CNN swings to the left.

I suppose that my only recourse at this point is to do my best to interpret the droning speeches we hear on C-SPAN in an effort to figure out what exactly our government is trying to accomplish.

But who’s got time for that?

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