A New Book!

If you’ve been to our apartment, you know we love books.  We love to talk about ideas, writers, and writing.  And we love to write.

Over the last year or so, we’ve put our love of books and writing into action, and started a publishing company, Swerve Press. Now before you go sending us a 1000 page manuscript, we should mention that we aren’t accepting any unsolicited works at this time.  Plus, we want to focus on promoting our first book release, written by my brilliant wife.  It is titled As Is: Unearthing Commonplace Glory. At the risk of being accused of bias, I must say that it is a terrific book.

This is an exciting day for us, because a few things came together today surrounding the release of As Is…

First, we finished typesetting the book, and are ready to send it to the printer.  We will easily make the release date of March 24 (stay tuned for info on the release party!)

Second, the Swerve Press web site went live today, thanks to the hard work of Ryan and Holly Sharp at SharpSeven.  We can’t say enough about how great they are to work with (in fact, I’ll probably mention it again in future articles just for kicks).  They designed the amazing book cover you see below, our Swerve Press logo, and our web site.

Lastly, now that the web site is live, this also means that the book is available for pre-orders!  We’ll be shipping on March 24, but you can go ahead and jump in now!  Happily click here to go to the Swerve Press store.

I am heavily blessed to be alongside Krista for this journey… it’s worth every step, no matter the incline.

4 thoughts on “A New Book!

  1. The cover looks great.
    We’ll be pre-ordering soon.

    Also, I accidentally deleted your latest comment when I was clearing out the spam. (didn’t want you to think I was offended by your compliment)

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