Weeble Report

Krista and I went to Vanderbilt Women’s Imaging Center for an ultrasound today to find out the whether our baby is a boy or a girl. Some would say that it’s better to wait for the surprise at the birth, but we just figured that we would have the same surprise, five months earlier.

Not everyone enjoys an ultrasound video, especially when it’s someone else’s kid. However, we tried to spice this one up a little, and it’s of reasonable length. Want to skip to the plot resolution? Go to about halfway (1:15 into the video) to find out the gender of the Barmer weeble.



3 thoughts on “Weeble Report

  1. Yeah!!!!! We are smitten with little boys so couldn’t be happier for you. Wouldn’t mind a second one myself. Nathan will love having another boy in the family. The more, the merrier! Can’t wait to meet baby Jude!

  2. Wonderful!
    Though you had already shared the news that it was a boy with me…
    Watching the video was still awesome!

    Can’t wait to see the proud papa holding his son:) !!!

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