Best Of – "New" Edition

This week’s highlights feature a New Year theme: “newness.”  Includes new music, a new DVD, a new hard drive, a newly discovered blog, a new camera, and my favorite Christmas present… new books!

New Music:

Angels and Airwaves.  I had a $5 credit at and downloaded this there.  Solid pop rock.  If you like The Killers, you may enjoy these guys.

New DVD:
I got three words for ya:  The Dark Knight.  Can’t wait to have a guys night for this one!  Best of the Batman movies, by far.

New Hardware:
It’s not a question of if your hard drive will crash.  It’s a question of when. a 500GB hard drive for backups, and stumbled upon this Rocstor Rocpro 225 at for $86.32, plus there is free shipping since it’s over $25.  I’ve heard great things about the reliability of this drive so this is a very good price (retails at $147). has it for $98 (which seemed cheap before I found it at Amazon).

Newly Discovered Blog:
I have been enjoying lately.  Good discussions and articles.  It’s been on my radar for a while now, but only in the last couple of weeks have I read it regularly.

New Camera (with The Picture of the Week):
A gift from my parents-in-laws with strings attached (they want lots of baby pictures).  Here was one of our first pictures, titled, “Wise Man With Broken Hand”

Favorite New Book(s):
It’s a tie for first place:

God of the Possible, by Greg Boyd.  I’m looking forward to getting into this one. I’ve been inclined toward an open view of the future, so this will hopefully provide some solid discussion on the topic.

Reason for God, by Tim Keller.  I heard a great talk from Tim Keller based on this book, and have wanted it since then.

New Resolutions:
I better jump on that soon.  🙂

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