Our Trip to Europe

We’ve been back in the states now for about a week, and have just begun to feel like we are catching up from being gone for two weeks in England and Estonia. However, the trip was worth every second of jet lag! The first portion of our trip was in England, with Krista’s parents. We then travelled to Estonia, where we enjoyed a few days with Brian and Renee Alex.

Below are two galleries of pictures from our trip. The first is all England, and the second is all Estonia. For more on our trip, go through the pictures and read the descriptions.

Once you’ve viewed the England pictures, click HERE to get to the Estonia pics.

Once you’ve viewed all pics, you can go home here.

ADDENDUM: The slideshow feature isn’t working. To view all the pictures, click on the England or Estonia gallery, and then click the first thumbnail. This will bring up a larger view.



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