An Emmaus Road Trip

If you’ve been unsuccessful in reaching us lately, it’s because Krista and I have been two weeks in Europe, half of which was a mission trip to Estonia where our friends Brian and Renee Alex are serving. I’ll write more about that in the next few days.

For now I want to update you about a decision Krista and I have made recently. Starting next Sunday, June 8, we will begin leading worship together at Emmaus Church in Nashville. Both of us are excited and feel strongly that God is leading us to join with them.

The church was started by a Michael Reddish, a friend of mine at work. Emmaus is reaching out to the atypical church crowd: cynics, homosexuals, church dropouts/rejects, strippers, drag kings/queens, along with a few regular folk that don’t fit in. It’s the most unlikely of churches, with a most unconventional approach to a lot of things. I would even say that anyone walking in with regular church expectations has about an 84.5% chance of leaving bewildered or possibly offended in some way. (So if you are looking to visit, there is your official heads-up).

If you know Krista and me at all, you know that we enjoy traveling off of the beaten path, and Emmaus certainly qualifies. However, our attraction is based more upon the people who gather each week and our opportunity to serve in a way that uses both of our gifts. Along with leading worship, I will also have the occasional teaching opportunities. If you want to know a little more about the church, here is their website.

Each week Emmaus’ worship is shared by anywhere between 10-20 people, depending on what week it is. So while our faith adventure intersects with this small band of Christ-followers in downtown Nashville, we ask for your prayers for us and for the church.

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