what is one.org?

If you visited One.org, one of the things you would see is the fact that a lot of famous people, from George Clooney to Pat Robertson, have given their voice to draw people to the site. I’m not a big fan of social trends, especially when they are led by hollywood types who are severely disconnected from anything resembling real life. However, One.org is simply encouraging people to get involved and educated about two things: the needs of the poor around the world, and what our government is doing to respond.

Habitat for Humanity
Fighting hunger and poverty is a mission that crosses political lines. We have people in Congress from our neck of the woods that speak for us when it comes to what goes on with our tax dollars. America is a great country because we can call our representatives and say, “If you want my vote, do what I want!”

In addition, the mission to help the poor is one that has echoed in the Bible from the voice of the prophets to the hands-on action of Jesus. No matter the way we choose to respond, each generation is called to engage the problem of poverty in both hearts and hands. When we call our Senators, give to a ministry like World Vision, or to help build a home with Habitat for Humanity, we involve ourselves with God in what he is doing in our world.

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