life summary (so far)*

There is a Wideness in God's MercyDrifting, but not directionless, in my mid-thirties, I have enjoyed the bounty of God’s grace and mercy. Most of my trials and tribulations have been self-inflicted, probably due to my slowness to learn. Compared to Christians in countries where it is a crime to announce allegiance to Christ, my life has been a cake walk. And I’ve often taken measures to have that cake while eating it.

In spite of my shortfall, God’s favor has been on me, demonstrating God’s relentless pursuit. I simply cannot shake him. At every turn, there is another offer from God to enjoy his bounty! Starting with my wife, Krista, who astounds me daily with her responsiveness to God and love for me, I could recount joy upon joy in my life that I have received but never could have orchestrated.

When I reflect on these things, the words fall from my lips like a reflex: “I don’t deserve this.” God’s answer to me has been the same every time as he answers back, “Then you are understanding mercy.”

*A result of an effort to summarize my life for my about me page. It came down to this.

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