Krista and I have been married for a month now, and one might think I would be quick to post some reflections about the wedding, the honeymoon, and our first days of marriage together.

Reflections on the wedding weekend would easily include how good it was to bring our families together for the rehearsal dinner and how humbled I am to have been treated with such kindness and love by her entire family.

It would be impossible not to write of how stunningly beautiful Krista was on our wedding day, and how her smile and her eyes captured me as we offered our vow of love.

I would also be compelled to tell how the bridal party did everything right and was so helpful through the entire weekend, how the reception was a perfect celebration setting, and how Krista’s dad and cousin overwhelmed everyone present with the song that her dad wrote for us.

An account of the honeymoon in Napa Valley, California would say that it was the perfect place for a honeymoon, with wine tastings, beautiful scenery, and a splendid stay at the Vintage Inn in Yountville.

And if I were to write about the first days of our marriage beyond the honeymoon, I would be sure to mention that each day has been sweeter and more satisfying than the day before with Krista.

However, I won’t go into such an account, as words are simply not enough.


I have posted a selection of pictures from the wedding weekend, which can be found on my pictures page. Pictures from our time in Napa are coming next. (05/12/06 UPDATE: Honeymoon pictures are now posted. Enjoy!)

Also, the song that Krista’s dad wrote and performed at the reception with Greg has been recorded and is now in it’s final form. Those of you who were there are aware of how meaningful it was for us. It includes Greg Locke on the saxophone and Scott (Krista’s dad) singing and playing piano. We want you to have a chance to hear it, even if you weren’t at the reception… Click here to download.

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