becoming presbyterian

 It looks like Krista and I will soon be joining Christ Community Church. CCC is a Presbyterian Church (PCA), so that has recently led me to revisit some of the questions of Christian salvation and God’s sovereignty. It has been good to dive back into the issues that can give brain ulcers to those willing to confront them. Instead of trying to post an entire systematic theology here, I just want to list some of the questions that have been on the forefront of my mind lately:

– What do we mean when we say that “God is in control”?
– How does one’s definition of God’s sovereignty account for things
happening in the world which God obviously wouldn’t want to happen?
– How much do the choices of our lives matter?
– Does it really make a difference to pray? In other words, does God do
things he otherwise wouldn’t do when we pray?
– Can a person say “no” to God’s call to become his follower?

Future blog entries will attempt to wrestle with these things. Your
comments are welcome.

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