coldplay – live in nashville

ColdplayI don’t spend a lot of money on concerts, because if you go to very many of them you will end up doing exactly that (spending a lot of money). However, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to see Coldplay at the Starwood Amphitheater tonight with Krista, and we have no regrets. Every song was mesmerizing, but the top three that stuck out to me were “Politik”, “The Scientist”, and “Kingdom Come”.

The CD version of “Politik” just can’t hold a candle to the live performance. As the chorus came in, every instrument was on full tilt. “The Scientist” was also played to perfection, slowly rising to it’s strong ending.

Chris Martin (lead singer) explained that the band wrote the song “Kingdom Come” for Johnny Cash to perform as a collaboration with them, but unfortunately he passed away before the project could be cut. So their performance had special meaning, since they were in Cash’s hometown of Nashville. As a nice touch, they went into Cash’s song “Ring of Fire”, right after “Kingdom Come”. For those who have appreciation for Johnny Cash’s legacy, it was a rich moment.

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