Why I Left Religion Behind – Part 3 – The Problem of Evil

No issue has caused me to question my Christian beliefs more than what is often called the problem of evil.  Ever since the Greek philosopher Epicurus (342-271 BCE) first questioned the existence of God due to the existence of evil in the world, people have faced this problem and often walked away from the faith of their childhood.  The reality of suffering in light of the professed goodness and power of God is the catalyst that is most responsible for the shift in my own theological views.  

virginia tech

It doesn't take much looking to find evidence that evil and suffering are a reality. The tragedy at Virgina Tech this week was no exception. Especially significant was the death of Professor Liviu Librescu, a survivor of the Holocaust. April 16, the day of the shooting, was also Holocaust Remembrance Day, or Yom Hashoah. Interviews... Continue Reading →

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