The Evangelical Church in America Has Lost Its Way

I believe the church as a social entity is dying and that’s disheartening to realize. Throughout history, there have been foundational movements and moments where believers have ignited vital moral changes in society. While there are certainly dark days in the moral history of Christianity, there have also been important contributions to education, healthcare, the welfare and protection of children, natural disaster response, poverty relief, and the battle against the slave trade. Christianity has also helped shaped the moral underpinnings of American justice system, providing a framework for the laws of the land.

While some of that important work continues in places all over the world, I believe the evangelical church as a whole has morally lost its way. This can be clearly seen in its determined and unrelenting alignment with the most morally bankrupt president this country has ever known.

I remember the support that the evangelical church had for George W Bush. At the time I also supported Bush, and while my views have changed, I look back and can make sense of it all. Bush was an evangelical Christian himself who seemed to have knowledge of and adherence to the Bible’s teachings in some regard (I’m not here to bicker about what policies of his may not have reflected that).

Contrast this with the overwhelming support of Trump by evangelical Christians today. In his private life Trump has admitted to groping women because “when you’re a star they’ll let you do it.” Evangelicals are quick to point out that Bill Clinton did the same thing. With Clinton, however, this was condemned as moral bankruptcy, so why has this been brushed off with regard to Trump?

I have heard from many that the President is “not perfect” when I point out that he spends a large percentage of his public communication to the country directing childish insults and jabs toward those who criticize him. None of us are perfect, so that’s simply not relevant to point out that he shares that trait with the rest of us. What I want to see is a direct application of the principles of the Bible that I was so carefully taught growing up, calling out the president for actions, words, and policies that directly contradict what the Church claims as their belief system.

When our leader shows such an utter contempt for equality and a blatant disregard for the humanity of certain people groups, I see blind support from the Church. Consider Trump’s lack of response to the crisis at the border where thousands of children have been separated from their parents who were seeking asylum. We are not talking about the drug dealers here. These are families who, foolishly perhaps, thought they could cross the border into the land of the free to escape violence and poverty to start a better life. The lack of compassion and concern about the welfare of these children is an affront to the very core of what I was taught growing up in the church. The most vulnerable ones have been tossed about like trash in the wind and every Sunday Christians gather in their Bible classes to talk about the love and compassion of Jesus.

Instead of aligning with the values of the Savior they claim as their own, they have aligned with a political tribe that is amoral at best. As staunch as that alignment seems to be today, I sincerely doubt that the evangelical church can recover. How could they, after selling their Savior for political gain?

So I’m finished with it all because what I’ve concluded is that the evangelical church’s version of Christianity is fraudulent. I won’t be associated with it and I am embarrassed that I ever was.

I would welcome your comments below and would be pleased to have dialogue on anything I’ve brought up above.

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