If you’ve ever experienced the thrill ride known as “Selling A House While You Still Live In It With Two Small Children,” then you know what kind of day we had on Sunday. We had three showings, spread throughout the day. This is our first time selling a house and it was our first weekend with our house on the market. Consequently, we just about went crazy.

But through it all, Ihad a great day with my almost four year-old son, Jude. I attribute that mostly to one thing: walks.

He and I went on two walks that opened my eyes to how important this activity should be throughout his growing-up years. Hopefully it turns into some good hiking as he gets older.

Things happen when I walk.

My head clears. My adrenaline levels off. My body relaxes. Ideas and prayers start to flow.

And when I’m sharing a walk with someone, we go to a different kind of depth in conversation if we walk long enough.

The problem with walking is that it is slow, which is only a problem because I haven’t sufficiently learned the power of slowing down. And therein lies one of the best reasons to put my feet to the ground.

Not to get from Point A to Point B.

But to be, more fully.

4 thoughts on “Walk

    • You are the one that first had my mind turning about this, with all the walking you’ve been doing. Then as I was out with Jude, connections were made.

    • Thanks. After posting, I also started thinking about how much different the world looks during a walk; that’s a post all to itself. Same thing with a ride on a motorcycle in some ways, but that’s probably because I’m comparing it to being boxed in to a car. But walking has the benefit of slowness.

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