A Geek’s Dilemma

I recently read a few articles from last year about the alleged abuses at one of the factories that produce products for Apple, Dell, HP, Intel, and others.  I immediately looked over at my iPad and wondered what kind of conditions it was produced in.  It creates a dilemma similar to the problem of buying coffee beans that were purchased from farmers at unfair prices.  Below, I visualized the dilemma… on my iPad.

Is there another option?  I’d be interested in your opinions on what, if anything, we can do.

2 thoughts on “A Geek’s Dilemma

  1. Thanks for sharing the angst we all (or at least some of us) feel. I’m not sure what the gospel-centered response is, but this is provocative and makes me wanna investigate further. Love the visual above… since you asked, I can only offer this off-the-cuff comment… maybe a third option involves getting media-news sources to follow up with after-the-fact stories, getting eye witnesses, victims responses, etc… You know, more than just reporting of what “is” but what could/should be? That is to say, if journalism could/should be involved on such levels.

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