A Plan to Defeat Writer’s Block

I’m usually of the mind that writers block is a result of a not doing enough reading.  However, there are also times when you have a million thoughts floating around your mental stratosphere but you can’t nail one thing down.  So I decided it is time for a plan to defeat writer’s block.

Lately I’ve been reflecting on what kinds of topics I enjoy reading and writing about, so I’ve used that as an outline for content. I’ve got some high hopes, but if I rotate the following topics, it would cover some of my most keen interests:

– Theological topics
– A quote from any book I’m reading, with a short reflection.
– Weekly Prayers
– Thinking Through Current Events
– Reflections from St. Bartholomew’s Church, including the sermon, the liturgy, or my interactions with people there.

I think each of these has potential to cover a broad range, and this gives me some direction. I hope to effectively kill (or at least disable) writers block with this approach.

Do you have any other topic suggestions?  Put them in the comments, as I would love to hear them.

One thought on “A Plan to Defeat Writer’s Block

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