A Prayer for the New Year

Hope-Giving God,

We count our years that we might remember
where we have been
what have we done
how close we are to death

But we know that you don’t have a calendar on your wall
You simply remember us and you know us

We count our years that we might get lost
in days gone before
in the idyllic days ahead

But you don’t ignore the present like we do
You know that the past and the future are not without grief

We count our years that we might have hope
that this year will be different
that we will finally be on the other side of things

But despair is only broken when we see you
Your mercies are new every morning

Fill us with a confident hope which we fail to find in our devices


4 thoughts on “A Prayer for the New Year

  1. Though the past and future bear the toll of grief, yet we need not bear the burden of regrets. I liked your post, so full of hope because it reminds me that the future is so full of promise. Despair is truly broken when our eyes are fixed on Christ… Thanks for the needed reminder!

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