Thanksgiving Prayer

I won’t have much time to write over the next few days, but want to say out loud that I am deeply thankful for the abundant measure of love that I have in my wife and son. I’ve been given so much and I long to cultivate more gratitude to overcome attitudes of complaint and cynicism in my heart with each passing day.

Here is a prayer for today, on Thanksgiving:

Father God,

In these days of commemoration, we talk about the past,

often imagining it differently than it was.

Save us from the throes of nostalgia, and deliver us into hope.

We remember our past, but we don’t want to take our hand from the plow.

We are thankful for the gifts you have given, but we want to live forward

into what you are preparing for us.

We give thanks to you

for the way you have lead us before

(help us to follow),

for the way you are with us right now, in these holy days.

(help us to see you),

for the road ahead you are preparing for us

(help us to walk with hope).


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