A Fresh Read of the New Testament: The Voice

I usually don’t have much interest in every new translation of the Bible that hits the market, but when I heard about The New Testament: The Voice, I was immediately interested because of the unique way approaches the text.

The Voice is a new translation from Thomas Nelson that uses a screenplay format to present scripture in light of what it truly is: a drama (thank you, N.T. Wright). Though I’ve graduated from seminary, I lack the ability to judge a Bible translation on the basis of how accurate it is to the original languages, so at this point I can only share a personal response that lacks academic scrutiny.

The Voice doesn’t strive to be an in-depth study Bible with pages of study tools. It is simply a reading Bible that allows the reader to focus on the flow of the biblical story. There are some well-placed outlined boxes that give expanded information on passages throughout, but they are non-intrusive and do not interrupt the flow.

The preface states that the vision for this translation is summed up in these four concepts:

Holistic – considers heart, soul, and mind
Beautiful – achieves literary and artistic excellence
Sensitive – respects cultural shifts and the need for accuracy
Balanced – includes theologically diverse writers and scholars

After a relatively short amount of reading, I am convinced that The Voice is all four of these things. Most importantly, it has already renewed my desire to read the Bible again. I foresee this being an important catalyst for launching me back into regular reading and study of the Bible. For that reason alone, it is worth having alongside other translations in your library.

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One thought on “A Fresh Read of the New Testament: The Voice

  1. Jason,
    It is so good to see new comments from you, it has been too long. I will have to take a look that this new translation of the Bible. Sounds quite interesting. It may give a new perspective on early morning quiet time that I have grown accustomed to.

    Love you–

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