Best of, Lately

I haven’t posted in a while due to a severe case of writer’s block and a whole lot going on.  I’ve had a lot of interesting half-thoughts though.  Eventually, I hope to turn some of those into blog posts.  But for now, all I’ve got is a Best Of:

Waiting for Jude
With two weeks before our official due date, we are still awaiting the arrival of our little one. Krista feels pretty good, and has actually enjoyed being pregnant, though I hear that’s not the normal experience.  I attribute her experience to the fact that she is non-toxic, pure granola girl.  Keep an eye out, as I’ll be using my website to post pictures within days after he is born.

Contract on a House

We are excited about the possibility of closing on a house at the end of August!  We made an offer on a house in Franklin, hoping that the seller would be willing to delay closing until that time, and somewhat to my surprise, it worked out.  It’s a great-looking place with most of the items on our wish list.  I’ll tell more once we have officially closed later this summer, since the deal isn’t done until then (this is me, guarding against disappointment).

Ellie’s Run for Africa

I ran in Ellie’s Run for Africa this morning, finishing somewhere in the top 1000, which was easy, since there were close to that number of people in the race.  It’s one of the best 5Ks in Nashville, thanks to a great cause (which you can read about here) and a great venue.  I was able to raise about $350 in sponsorships, and if you would still like to give to the cause, just follow the link (big THANKS to those of you who donated!).  Percy Warner Park is a gorgeous place, and running cross country is a nice relief compared to the usual road races.  Somehow I was given 3 as my race number, so I was thrilled to be in the single digits for the first time ever in a race.  Unfortunately, this did not mean I would receive an automatic bronze medal.

I’ve completed the second of three phases for the tattoo on my forearm. The purpose of it is to remind me of a core belief I have about God as my Father.  It’s the Greek text from Galatians 4:7: “No longer a slave, but a son.”  I also had a symmetrical cross put on the inside of my wrist as well.

Birthday Wish List

Finally, I know that a lot of you have been out shopping this week for my upcoming birthday (please read the sarcasm there).  Fortunately, I have discovered a perfect item that you will probably want to buy for yourself as well.  If you are into board games, check out Settlers of Catan.  Apparently it makes Monopoly look outdated and poorly designed.  Plus, it was invented in Germany, where all the great board games originate, so they tell me.  I found it here.

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