Best Of

Here are the highlights from 2008 Barmer Week 50 (or Week 12 if you are counting by our pregnancy).  We got together with some good friends this week, and while at dinner we tried an excellent 2006 Pinot Noir called Four Graces, from Willamette Valley, OR.  If you like a good Pinot, this is a great choice.

Tuesday would have been my cousin Mark’s birthday, and that is usually tough to process, but I was thankful for his sister Susan’s words that helped.

On Saturday, we attended an excellent seminar on natural approaches to pregnancy and childbirth.  It was very empowering for Krista and informative for me.  I was hoping to have received an award of some kind from the organizers since I was the only husband in attendance, so I asked about it.  “No,” was the response.

Weirdest Pregnancy Food Craving of the Week:

Brussel Sprouts, which she finally got a hold of today.  I’ll pass.

Favorite Twitter Tweet:

Came from Leonard Sweet, who I’ve enjoyed following at

Big billboards around Boulder, CO: “Don’t Believe in God? You’re Not Alone.” Even atheists want community & religion (reli-gare=tie together).”

Picture of the Week:

One inch of slushy snow in Nashville was a nice surprise.  We don’t get much December snow, so hopefully it’s a sign of things to come.

Longest Read of a Short Book (and Its Most Poignant Quote):

It’s taking me forever to get through Eat This Book, by Eugene Peterson, but I’m committed to finishing this week!  I can already recommend it.  Here’s a portion that made me rightly uncomfortable:

The most frequent way we have of getting rid of the puzzling or unpleasant difficulties in the Bible is to systematize it, organizing it according to some scheme or other that summarizes “what the Bible teaches.” If we know what the Bible teaches, we don’t have to read it anymore, don’t have to enter the story and immerse ourselves in the odd and unflattering and uncongenial way in which this story develops, including so many people and circumstances that have nothing to do, we think, with us.

3 thoughts on “Best Of

  1. While I did not partake in the velvety Willamette Pinot on Saturday night at Sambuca, I greatly enjoyed the best steak outside of Ruth’s Chris. And thanks to Whole Foods for Brussel sprouts! I’m still on the lookout for venison sausage if anyone just happens to have dressed a deer lately.

  2. 12 weeks, that’s great – will keep Krista and baby in prayer. Especially you now that the brussel sprouts are part of the reality.

    Absolutely love, love, love that quote you highlighted from Eat This Book. It convinced me to add it to the To Read Shelf.

  3. The deeper I’ve gone into this book, the more I realize how badly I needed this right now. Very good stuff, even with the slow start.

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