Best Of

I’m starting a weekly “Best Of” posting where I share a “Barmer Top 4 or 5” of sorts.  I hate to admit that this was inspired by Tim at Black Coffee Reflections, who I’ve now mentioned in two posts in a row (I may have to pay royalties soon if I’m not careful).

It’s been a good week for the Barmers, with Krista in her 11th week of pregnancy, the Gators in the SEC title game, so here goes…

Weirdest Pregnancy Food Craving of the Week:

“Jason, you’ve got to find somebody with some deer meat.  I’m dyin’ for some venison sausage!” — Krista

Bambi for Lunch?
Bambi for Lunch?

Best Sports Moment:

The Florida Gators beat Alabama 31-20 for the SEC Championship on Saturday in what was one of the greatest Championship games played in years.

Go Gators!
Go Gators!

Picture of the Week (I’ll try to limit these to pictures I take):

A few brazen Alabama fans decided it would be cool to watch the SEC game at the Cross Corner Bar and Grill where the UF Alumni Association meets to watch the Gators play.  I had to snap a picture of a couple of these clowns as the game ended with the Gators victory.

Final Minutes... Pack Your Bags, Boys!
Final Minutes… Pack Your Bags, Boys!

Highlight of the Week:

“Highlight of the Week” just doesn’t cover it, as we heard the baby’s heartbeat on Thursday.  We were speechless.  It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard.

A Wee Lil Peanut
A Wee Barmer

3 thoughts on “Best Of

  1. You’re very right about it being the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard. As a drummer, I enjoyed the rhythm, the beat. It was perfect time, if ever I’ve heard it!

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