Two Hours and Four Minutes

I finished the Country Music Half Marathon yesterday with a personal best time of 2:04:35.  I was one of a ton of people from The Lampo Group who trained and ran, many for the first time, thanks to lots of motivation from our fearless leader, Dave Ramsey, who finished the half in 1:51.

I was running out of my mind for most of the race, but my goal of 2 hours was thwarted by a porta-potty which attacked me at mile 8.  However, I am proud to say that I finished 10 minutes before this Kenyan:

(Unfortunately, I only did 13.1 miles, while he did 26.2.)

Thank you to all of my friends and family who supported me, especially Krista, who ran across the LP Field parking lot (knocking over marathoners who had just completed their race) just to see me at the finish.

Damn, I love that woman.

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