Stanley Cup Playoffs!

[We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog article for a hockey post, regardless of those of you who ignore professional sports…]  

I had planned on posting the rest of The Shack review, but I had a diversion from our normal Sunday writing time today.  Krista and I were surprised by two free tickets to the Nashville Predator’s game 6 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (round 1).  My sister and her husband were gracious enough to pass them along to us when they couldn’t use them, and we had a blast.  

The story of the game was the defense of the Detroit Red Wings.  After the first period, it was like Detroit had an extra man on defense every time the Predators came down the ice.  The Preds lost 0-3, and as a long time Detroit-hater it was painful to watch.  However, no one expected the Preds to take them to a Game 6, so there is some solace in that.

The Preds are now out of the playoffs, but it was worth being there just to experience the intensity of playoff hockey.  I said to Krista on the way to the car that if someone gave me the choice of Superbowl tickets or tickets to any game of the Stanley Cup playoffs, I would choose NHL every time. There is nothing like it!

[We now return to our regularly scheduled programming…  I’ll have the rest of my review of The Shack this week.]

2 thoughts on “Stanley Cup Playoffs!

  1. what i love about my friend at Mud’s Hot Eyes is the Über-Loyalty that’s displayed in the face of certain and nearly utter failure. take the preds… or me… for instance. win or lose, Mudd will be there to chronicle, support, memoir-ize and then help us ascorbates (a word of my own concoction, pun-ning on the phonetic) move past the entire faux pas and remain human and dignant-retentive. thank you, MHE’s, for the winsome and wily way you win in friendship every day.

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