our friends, the missionaries

The Alex Family

If you have never had a friend decide to become a missionary, then you are missing out. I am one of the lucky ones who can say that I saw the Alex family pack their bags and respond to God’s call to move to Estonia.

“Where?” Estonia is located on Earth. However, there is a lot of water between here and there. Plus it’s a lot colder, and the sun apparently doesn’t know how to handle itself over there. Other than that, it is a perfectly normal place.

Brian and Renee have believed what they heard from God over the past year, that He was about to do something miles beyond their expectations. Now He has done exactly that. He is sending them to the beautiful country of Estonia, which is about 5000 miles beyond their expectations. I’ll let their web site tell you the story of where they are going and what they’ll be doing.

Stop by and visit http://www.mescea.com for the lowdown. If you feel led to do so, please click on the Provision link and consider how you could help financially with the start up costs. Even a small amount can cover an important part of their budget (which is available here).

The faith journey they have been on has been a great encouragement to Krista and me. God has been showing us a lot through them. We are learning more about trusting God, listening to God, and remaining open to the great possibilities that are wrapped up in God’s purposes for us.

Please take a moment this week (and the days ahead) to remember Brian, Renee, Emily and Abigail as they uproot and move to another country to help people in Europe experience God.

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