weakly prayer – for Michael’s Nana

prayingatgeth.jpgI was listening to a friend of mine yesterday (we’ll call him “Michael”, since that is his name) tell about his grandmother’s recent health problems and her stay in the hospital. After he explained everything, I hesitated to give the standard Christian answer, “I will be praying for her.”

I don’t judge anyone else for saying that, but when I say that it means only one thing: I’ll probably forget about it until the next time I see you. I have a difficult time remembering things, whether it’s to-do lists, prayer requests, dates on the calendar, or putting on deodorant in the morning. So if I ever tell you that I will be praying for you, just nod and wink, because you know I’m just talking to fill space.

One option is the recommendation from my friend Debbie that you tell them you have been praying for them after the fact, instead of a shaky promise of a forthcoming prayer somewhere in the distant future. Another approach is to pray for them on the spot, which guarantees you won’t forget, unless your short-term memory is like the guy from the movie Memento. For me, either one is better than the empty prayer promise that I have resorted to in the past.

On that note, the “weakly prayer” this week is for Nana:

Healer God, Yahweh Rapha,

You know how sickness wrecks havoc on our lives, and you have touched the sick many times over (thank you for Jesus, who never hesitated to touch the untouchable lepers, to make them well). Please apply your healing power to Nana’s heart, lungs, and other organs. You know her and love her, and I pray that she would know You and love You more fully through this sickness. Amen.

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