God’s world

This quote from Philip Yancey’s book, The Bible That Jesus Read is a good follow-up to a discussion regarding what Genesis 1 is really all about. He’s speaking about the Old Testament in general here, but I think it applies:

The Bible Jesus Read - by Philip YanceyLike a drumbeat that never stops, in the pages of the Old Testament we hear the consistent message that this world revolves around God, not us. The Hebrews had incessant reminders built into their culture…. A devout Jew could barely make it through an hour, much less an entire day, without running smack into some reminder that he or she lived in God’s world. Even the Hebrew calendar marked time by events such as the Passover and Day of Atonement, not merely by the harvest cycle and the moon. The world, they believed, is God’s property. And human life is “sacred,” which simply means that it belongs to God to do with what he wills.


By the way, feel free to join the discussion from Saturday’s posting

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