weakly prayer – glory and creation

Plane ViewCreator God (Elohim),

This sunset view from 35,000 feet
makes me wonder if You gave us the airplane
simply to have a better view.

Is there any place more important right now
than seeing Your glory through this small window?

I’ll stay right here
and look with all my eyes.

Before now, I did not expect so much color
in Your glory!

(We always think of white-bright white
and a long beard)

Color is Your glory
Your glory is color-full!

My eyes have tasted this
creative color palette;

I think I am seeing better now.


2 thoughts on “weakly prayer – glory and creation

  1. Out of this dream I call to Thee,
    Out of this dark surrounding me.
    And your voice saves me from my phantasy,
    Crying, “Darkness is not dark to me”.

    from The Awakening, by Jeff Johnson

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