weakly prayer – for God’s interference

prayer candleFaithful God,

When we have trusted you and staked our claim with your power, your interference has been obvious.

You interfere with our worry.
You interfere with our failings.
You interfere with our opinions.
You interfere with our relationships.
You interfere with our self-absorbed way of living.

Sometimes you don’t interfere with our pain the way we would like you to, but even then we see you more clearly in our affliction because of the way you interfere with our blindness.

Thank you for getting in our way.
We need you to stand in the paths of our brokenness.


2 thoughts on “weakly prayer – for God’s interference

  1. Brokenness is the end of a road. Maybe the end of self-will, some sort of stubborness, haughtiness, the end of an attitude or a dependency on unhealthy things. Humility then picks up where brokenness left us and takes us forward, on a new road. This new path emerges from somewhere empty and takes us places that are fulfilling, rewarding, healthy and that bring wholeness. Brokenness then is a beginning emerging from an ending. What a wonderful place to be, where God can speak to us significantly through these things… in our humility.

  2. Great prayer. Might use it for our Sr. High Youth Group.
    We’ve been working on our time of worship (music, non-music, etc)(We even had a faux-Ash Wed. Worship Service – don’t tell our Roman Catholic friends. Shhh). We’ve been using Scriptures, creeds, devotions, and maybe a prayer like this will find its way in. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope your well. Looking forward to catching up with you. Oh, I’m blogging on wordpress now, so you might want to change my url on your link list. (Don’t want to lose the traffic.) Take care bro.

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