weakly prayer – for the sick

Lefa Datan soothes her 24-year-old daughter, Rose, as she lies dying of AIDS in Ntcheu Hospital. There are few medications to ease Rose's pain or prolong her life. Because hospitals can't care for the overwhelming number of people with HIV/AIDS in Senzani, a World Vision-supported care team pays home visits.Healer God,

Is there more room in the house where the man was dropped down through the ceiling?
Are the crowds so thick that more cannot touch the hem of your garment?

Grant us the wisdom to place limits on the enjoyment of our resources, so that we can place limits on the sicknesses that come to those who have no resources.

Grant us the courage to give
(so that we heal ourselves).

Take away our allegiance to our possessions
(they have made us sick).

May we find our greatest allegiance in You
(our place of refuge).

Heal us all, in Jesus’ name.

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