upkeep of the global garden

A tree.  We need them.Today’s high in my neck of the woods was a chilly 38 degrees. However, I enjoy the irony of pointing out this story in the New York Times which tells of the massive changes in Greenland’s landscape due to the melting of the ice shelf.

Do these observed climate changes represent a pollution problem on planet Earth? Or are these normal fluctuations in global temperature? Weather history isn’t extensive enough to give a definitive answer to that question, but there has been general agreement among scientists that at least part of the observed warming is the direct result of gases produced by Earth’s favorite inhabitants: humans.

If global warming isn’t convincing enough, then Google a search for pollution statistics worldwide, and you’ll have plenty of evidence that humanity has failed in its upkeep of the global garden.

Earlier this week, while in the middle of a short run in my neighborhood, my breathing privileges were revoked by a 1993 Ford Festiva that drove by. I’m sure that passersby thought I was a lunatic as I waved my hands wildly in front of my face in a fruitless effort to clear the air. It was a blunt reminder of the need for diligence in our efforts to care for creation.

In Genesis, the very first words of Scripture tell of the admonition to humanity to rule over (or manage) the earth. In other words, God said, “You are responsible for My creation. The earth is mine, and I’m trusting you to care for it.”

What will be the consequences if every generation decides that creation care isn’t important enough? Gradually we will end up masking the Word that God speaks* every day through His varied earth:

“Let there be light…”

*Psalm 19:1-6

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is an example of an organization that takes balanced, positive action to protect the planet. You can find out more at their web site.

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