happy new year!

Happy New Year!I have decided that with the turn of the year, it is time for a new direction with regard to my web presence–if you can call 39 hits a month a “presence.” Let me explain.

The other day I ran into an acquaintance who had come across my web site. “You have quite a self-involved thing going there,” he said. Self-involved? Yuck. He may have meant it as a compliment, but it was the very last thing I wanted to hear about my site.

Then it hit me. The name of the web site is JASON BARMER DOT COM! I’ve always cringed a little at the self-touting title. It screams, “Hey, come over here and listen to what I’ve got to say!”

For a couple of years now, I have wanted to launch a site that didn’t give the impression that it was about me. My writings sometimes contain experiences I’ve had, but I’ve wanted this to be a place to practice the exploration of ideas.

I’m setting a new course. I’m not going to write on sports events or on what I did last weekend, unless it’s part of a larger discussion. I’m streamlining my purpose here as follows:

To reflect and query on life with Christ, in His world, from the perspective of someone who needs transformation through Him.

I hope to have others as “guest writers” to add variety, but every article will fit into the purpose.

I’ll write about the title, but for now John 9 will give some insight. Happy New Year, and welcome to mudshoteyes.com!

5 thoughts on “happy new year!

  1. Great reflections and your purpose is right on. Please keep writing, it’s inspiration for fellow aspiring writers or whoever. We that want to encourage others have a tendency to be a little hard on ourselves, so don’t listen to yourself too much. Your message is refreshing and your style is unconventional. Not sure you know who Rob Bell out of Grand Rapids Michigan is, but he is something else. His approach is a little like yours. Although he is a pastor and does some cutting edge cinematography with the Gospel message.

    I have been wanting to do something a little like you have been doing for some time. When I ran across your page a few months back I was taken in. Thanks for leading the way.

  2. Your thoughts suggest a deep devotion to the Lord Jesus. Have you written about the One He promised to send as our Helper– John 14 & Jn 16 … ?

    The Holy Spirit is the vital connection. The Same One who revealed the will of the Father to the Son of Man is also given to us, revealing the mind of Christ in every situation so you will know how to minister truth, healing, encouragement …. whatever the need is. Keep pressing on, my friend.

  3. God has been speaking to me lately about the Body of Christ’s interdependence on one another. We are to confess our weaknesses to each other, admonish each other. He has called us to the greatest intimacy with Him, for us to be one with Him as He is one with the Father. He also said that we will be known by our love one for another. He is drawing us in to open honest, vulnerable relationships first with Himself and also with each other. Each of us have worn our lives down to fragmented strands, but God has taken those strands and formed them into bits of rope. He has strengthened us, but not in order that we should be a pile of useless bits of rope. Our Lord seeks today to join us together, so that He may find us mending our net and say again, “Come, follow me.”

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