watch hockey

NHL Stanley CupForgive this relatively shallow posting about the greatest sport on earth, but tonight is Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. If you aren’t watching this stuff, then you haven’t given it enough of a chance. You have to love any competition where you must have two 20 minute breaks because of the level of intensity during the game. There is more passion, more pain, and more intensity in hockey than there is in any other professional sport.

I’m glued to OLN for the finals tonight, but I’m writing this during intermission since a goal could be scored or a body check could happen at any given moment during the 20-minute period. Speaking of the finals; there is no better time to get hooked on hockey. A do or die sudden-death overtime game in the finals will have you watching hockey for the rest of your days. Unless you prefer world championship poker, in which case “may the worm of conscience still begnaw thy soul.” – from Shakespeare 🙂

Here’s to the greatest sport on earth, with the absolute best season finale: The Stanley Cup.

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