the new year

May this prayer for the New Year from Soren Keirkegaard be the prayer of our hearts as we venture into new territory ahead…

“Another year has passed, O Heavenly Father! We thank Thee that it was a time of grace, and we are not terrified by the thought that it was also a time for which we shall render an account; for we trust in Thy mercy.

“The New Year confronts us with its demands; and though we cannot enter upon it without humility and concern, because we cannot and will not forget the lusts of the eye that ensnared us, the sweets of revenge that seduced us, the wrath that made us irreconcilable, the coldness of heart in which we fled from Thee, yet we do not enter it altogether empty-handed.

“For we take with us the memory of fearful doubts which were set at rest, of anxieties which were solaced, of the downcast mind which was cheered and strengthened, of the glad hope which was not put to shame.”

– From The Prayers of Keirkegaard

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