help Africa

WorldVision.orgAn opportunity exists to directly help a horrible situation in Africa where millions are at risk. Many of you already support ministries through your church, World Vision, Compassion International, and others who are making an effort to save and rebuild lives in situations like this.

However, please consider taking a look at the web links below regarding the crisis in Africa, as you may be led to give over and above what you are already giving. The situation is on the brink of rivaling the famine in the mid-80s, when almost one million people lost their lives because of the conditions (consider our response if this were happening in America!).

There are other organizations helping, but World Vision is one of those that has consistently proven itself to be trustworthy and full of integrity, with 87% of their revenue going into programs for children and families.

At the very least, pray for those involved as God brings it to mind, and continue giving as God leads.

Here is a short video for review
(This is a video of aid workers in the field talking about the problem—not one of those dramatized videos of people dying).

And a press release about the crisis.


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