want some cheese with that whine?

I was listening to the radio a couple of days ago while one of our local sports call-in shows was mercifully allowing a frustrated fan a temporary platform to vent their vexation. In the short time before I grew weary of the griping and turned the radio off, I recognized at that moment how easy it is to look at a situation and explain what is wrong with it. However, to contribute solutions to problems requires thought and maturity.

I’ve noticed that much of the commentary in popular media is of this sort. All criticism, but no construction. National Public Radio recently aired a story about how bad consumer-driven health care is. All the people interviewed had a situation where an HSA wasn’t working for them. The story ended without a single interview giving possible solutions. It was all criticism and no construction.

I’m listening to anyone who will drown out the whiners by offering solutions to the many complex issues we face as a diverse nation. I’m also trying to develop more of a tendency toward thoughtful answers, while eschewing critisicm as an activity for those who don’t have the courage to be on the playing field.

That’s hard to do, when all you’ve known is whine and cheese.

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